Information security awareness

Training purpose:

You'll become more aware of information security policies and how these apply in the workplace. Using relevant scenarios, you’ll find out how to identify, prevent and report security breaches to our Information Security Officer.

Personalise the e-course to reflect your Information Security Officer contact details, company security policies and how security incidents are reported. Choose appropriate scenarios from the knowledge share.

What will my employees learn about?

  • What is meant by confidentiality, availability and integrity
  • The office controls that help to protect company data
  • How to differentiate between personal data and sensitive data
  • How to classify employee and customer data
  • How to identify and report a security incident


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Information security

Sector-specific versions:

  • Any business

What jurisdictions does this training cover?


Who is this training for?

New employees




From: £25 per user annual licence (discounts applied depending on group size)

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All students are provided with a certificate of completion. Managers can subscribe to group and individual progress reports. Records can be exported to MS Excel® printed and managed accordingly.

We support most common web browsers and are happy to give your team trial access in-order to test the e-courses on your company operating systems.