Responsible gambling introduction

Training purpose:

Give employees an introduction to responsible gambling. This topic includes profiling problem gambling, overviewing the tools and policies available to customers and familiarising yourself with general good practice.

Scenarios present different customers in compromising situations that could indicate problem gambling. The main objective is to help the learner to differentiate between lower risk and more serious problematic behaviour and respond in an appropriate way.

Personalise existing scenarios or reflect your own unique experiences in newly developed content.

Note: The UK Gambling Commission do not officially endorse any third party training and we do not seek such endorsements. However, we do regularly seek feedback from clients, auditors and regulatory authorities to maintain a high quality training provision.

What will my employees learn about?

  • How to recognise the signs of problem gambling
  • How to differentiate between problem gambling and addiction
  • Appropriate advice that helps customers in lower-risk situations
  • How to identify a higher-risk situation and respond appropriately
  • What tools and information are appropriate in these situations


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Responsible gambling

Sector-specific versions:

  • Remote gambling

What jurisdictions does this training cover?


Who is this training for?

All employees




From: £25 per user annual licence (discounts applied depending on group size)

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